Who I Am.

Here’s what you  need to know about mephoto1a

I am a septuagenarian.  I am Jewish. I am from New York. Put these three things together and you can bet I’ve got a lot to say.  (No, Lewis Black hasn’t kidnapped me and taken over my blog.)

I have been a writer of one kind or another for most of my life. My career began as a journalist with the Associated Press, interviewing people — some famous, some infamous and most just plain every day folk.  My work life ended a few years ago interviewing medical thought leaders for the pharmaceutical industry. Guess which one paid better.

I retired to a small college town where I was convinced there would always be something happening.  And it’s true.  Plenty of lectures and classes to attend. Interesting cross section of people.  But I miss a lot of things.  And that’s some of what I will be writing about.  Also, I have been a close observer of the political scene since my days at the AP and I have strong opinions about the fractious state of things today. Finally, as a Jew who takes my religion seriously, I will be talking about my sense of eternity and where it all may come together.

I write this blog not because I think my words are the end; rather, they are just the beginning.  I see this  blog as a conversation starter and if it works, if it’s worth anything, its value will come in your feedback.  Comment and we will have an online, nationwide (perhaps even global) discussion.



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