No More Political Correctness

It’s time to call it what it is: radical Christian terrorism.  From the Crusades (it’s why they called them the “dark ages”) to the auto-de-fe in the Spanish Inquisition, from the Russian pogroms to the Holocaust, to the cold-blooded murder of doctors who perform abortions to this week’s rampage in a mosque in neighboring Quebec, we have to do something about radical Christian terrorism.

Oh sure.  You might say the majority of Christians are peaceful; they love their children just as we do.  Maybe there are just a few bad apples; we can’t blame everyone who loves Jesus and who thinks Christianity is the only true religion. But that’s no excuse. When are we going to call it what it is?  And shouldn’t our President have the courage to speak out and call it by its name?

And once we do, we can take strong action.  We must be extra careful at our borders.

Canadians, such as the one who killed all those people praying in the mosque, is where we should start.  How many people cross the border every day?  And do we really know who they are?

And what about Germany?  Don’t Germans have a history of murdering people who don’t share their religion? Or England, France, Belgium, Spain. There have been terrorist attacks there.  In Great Britain even a member of Parliament was gunned down in the street by a Christian who didn’t share her views.

No, it’s long past due for us to examine – very carefully – our vetting process to stop potential murderers from coming into America.  Because we know they’re not sending their best.  They are sending murderers and rapists. Oh, sure there are some good ones. But …

It’s all about religion.  About why others don’t accept my faith as the one true faith. The only one.  My interpretation of the Holy Word came down to me directly and I want to be sure others don’t think, pray, love and act differently.

I’ve said it and I’m not ashamed. To hell with political correctness.

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