A Hidden Garden in Venice

GardenA garden in Venice is rare, and to find a hidden, historic garden in a centuries-old palazzo turned five-star hotel is even more remarkable. But that’s just the beginning at the Boscolo Venezia.

Winding paths, trompe-l’oeil rocks and caves, even faux ruins and fountains make this garden a perfectly delightful and hushed retreat from a Venice that is too often overdone and overrun. To add to the elegance, doves glide among trees planted over a 100 years ago.

Built at the end of the 16th century by a noble Venetian family, with a canal on one side and the Veneta lagoon on the other, this house, with its multi-colored marble and spectacular glistening Murano glass chandeliers has served as a monastery and even as the embassies of France and Savoy.


The unique Venetian style includes marble terrazzo floors, vaulted and frescoed ceilings, gilded picture frames, marble mantles and intricately painted furniture covered in priceless silks. It looks much as it did when it housed the French embassy in the 1700s.


Our beautiful room overlooking the Veneta lagoon.

dining room

The restaurant and the bar, where we had breakfast in the morning and a sumptuous, truly Venetian dinner in the evening.

The Boscolo Venezia is romantic, restful oasis from the often too, too touristy Venice.  It feels like stepping back centuries in glamour and elegance.

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