Meeting the Enemy. Part Two.

Some time ago I wrote that we have met the enemy and it is us. (You can go back and read it in the list to the left, but don’t bother. It will only make you feel worse.). In that post I wrote that people get the governments they deserve and we have only ourselves to blame because we don’t bother to vote.

Now the GOP will control both houses of Congress and quite possibly the Supreme Court.  That means for at least the next two years the important committees will be controlled by the “loyal” opposition.

Despite their pledges to work together with the Administration, look for unceasing challenges to universal health care and women’s freedom of reproductive choice. Expect to see little progress on the immigration front. And don’t even think about the loony investigations to come.  You thought Darrell Issa’s House Committee witch hunts were frivololous?  Just wait.  Don’t be surprised when the anti-Hillary crusade gets moving on a greater and more desperate scale.

And who is responsible?  Get ready for this: Just 36.4 percent of eligible voters elected this government. That means nearly two thirds of the electorate voted with their feet — away from the polls. The lowest turnout in 72 years.

Yes. We get the government we deserve.