What Messiah? A brief follow-up.

Remember Goel Ratzon, the colorful Israeli who declared himself messiah in my previous post entitled What Messiah?  

Well, here’s the latest, according to the Jewish Telegraph Agency:

Goel Ratzon was convicted Monday in Tel Aviv District Court in charges including rape, sodomy, indecent assault, and sexual abuse within the family. He was cleared on one charge of sexually enslaving one of the women the he called his wife.

Ratzon was arrested and indicted four and a half years ago, after a complaint filed by one of his of 21 ‘wives,’ with whom he fathered 38 children

Ratzon made the women believe he was the savior of the world and that he had supernatural abilities. He also alienated the women from their families and only allowed them to speak in public areas of their home.

Ratzon, 64, never officially married any of the women that he called his wives.

I guess he wasn’t the messiah.  Keep waiting.

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