Sanctity of life

In response to an article in the Dallas Morning News on the child immigrant crisis, my sister-in-law, Jackie Wald, struck a blow for humanity that I am reblogging here. 

She wrote:

I am struck by images of some who lash out with anger and hostility. A Tea Party Republican dared to suggest that we treat these people who risked their lives, fleeing a culture of violence and danger, with compassion.  Some in the crowd became enraged, saying resources are too thin to help disease-carrying criminals who mooch illegally.

Are these the same ones who say, “All life is precious?” “Terminating pregnancy is murder?” What about human beings who are alive and suffering?

I can’t imagine facing such bleak prospects that I would risk my life to find a safe place for my family. But I was born wanted. My children were born wanted, protected, and cared for. Every child should have that right.

A solution is not simple. I don’t have one. But until our compassion for these starving frightened children is equal to that of protecting a zygote or fetus, I would say that constitutes only pro-birth, not pro-life.        Jackie Wald

So maybe that’s what the movement ought to be called.  After all, there are other “life” issues that could be added.  Capital punishment, for one. Wars of choice, not necessity, for another. I agree with Jackie.  Unless you are prepared to honor ALL life, you don’t get to call yourself pro-life.